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How to Bring Out Sensuality in a Long Distance Relationship

Everyone has been in a relationship at some point or another, but not everyone has had to face the challenges of a long distance relationship. It’s pretty simple to be sensual in your relationship. Doing things like holding hands and cuddling come to mind. How are you supposed to keep the flame alive? What can you do bring out the sensuality? Learn how to bring out the sensuality in a long distance relationship by reading our tips.

How to Bring Out Sensuality in a Long Distance Relationship

Work on your emotional intimacy.

Remember to focus on loving yourself as well as your partner. Be in touch with your emotional needs and deal with them on a personal level. Communicate those needs with your partner. If there is something going on that you’re worried or fearful about, address it. You don’t want to keep any emotions a secret, from yourself or from your partner.

Wear something of his.

When you go to bed at night, wear a t-shirt or hoodie that belongs to your significant other. You’ll smell his scent and it will feel like he’s lying right beside you. Touches like that will add a little piece of comfort to your routine. It’s never easy being away from your significant other for months and months at a time, but small things like this will help ease your heart.

Send photos. Lots of them.

Hey, we’re not advocating for explicit photos here. Just be thoughtful and send a picture of the sun setting and let your partner know you’re thinking of them. Or take a silly selfie! Perhaps even a sensual one. Show him that you’re going out shopping, taking your pet to the park, or having a night out with the girls. He’ll appreciate knowing that you’re having a good time, and you’ll be happy seeing what he’s doing every day as well.

Be more open.

Talk to each other. Share your feelings. Have an engaging conversation. Flirt over the phone or through a video chat. Have a virtual date night. In order to have a successful relationship, you have to work towards communication each and every day. Ideas like these will help you stay in touch, and build your relationship, even though you’re far apart.

Write letters. Send a gift in the mail.

Going a bit more traditional here, but sending written notes to your lover is a great way to keep in touch. You can text each other all day long, and talk on the phone, sure. But giving them a physical letter, written by you, is something special.

Set up a routine time for each other.

Set your video chats at a set time just like you would on what time to eat dinner, what time to get up, what time to shower. Find a set day and time each week that both of you are the least likely to be preoccupied.

Plan ahead when you’re going to visit each other.

Purchasing plane tickets or scheduling a road trip will take time and money. Try to schedule your trips around holiday weekends or 3-day weekends so the trip is less likely to disrupt other aspects of your life.

There you have it. Long distance relationships are never going to be easy, but luckily we have plenty of options to keep them intact while our loved one lives far away from us. We hope that you find these tips useful. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, these tips will help your relationship sustain itself and remain solid. If you’re not in a long distance relationship, this is still great stuff to know, and you can still use it!

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How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work


You’ve just had the roughest week at work. You spent the whole week relying on coffee. You’re trying to run errands after work, and find the time to eat. But you’re too tired, so you just grab something quick to eat almost every day. By the end of the week, you are feeling your worst. You’re thinking, “There’s no way I’m ever going to look sexy after work,” so the last thing you want to do by Friday evening is get dressed up and go out. We’ve all been there. It’s a problem we all face. It seems like there’s not enough time in the day. We don’t have enough energy. We’re too tired and too broke to eat healthy. We’ll help you fix that. There are some simple solutions on how to still look sexy after a stressful week at work. If you take the time each day and focus on implementing these steps, you’ll be looking your best in no time!

How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work

Sleep well.

If you don’t know it yet, sleeping is important. You’re less likely to be stressed, less likely to be overweight, and less likely to sexual difficulties, among others. In regards to looking healthy, plenty of sleep will help you feel more energized so you can work out, and keep your body at a healthy weight. Plan out your day so that you can be ready for bed by 9 or 10pm each night. Guarantee that you’ll have 8 hours of sleep each night, so you can feel refreshed each morning that you wake up.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking water consistently to stay hydrated has plenty of health benefits. From boosting your metabolism to preventing a belly bloat, you can keep your body in check by keeping water on hand. The best part is, hydration can help your skin stay firm, and just glow. Bonus: Drinking water can suppress hunger so you’ll snack less during the day!

Take vitamins.

Certain vitamins can make a huge difference for your physical health. Especially the vitamins that are difficult to include in your daily diet, like fish oil. Fish oil, among other vitamins, can do wonders for you skin. They can also boost your metabolism and your immune system, which will keep your weight at bay and prevent sickness. Sounds like a win-win!

Get up early and workout.

It can feel grueling to try to workout consistently, but it can be done if you plan ahead. Lay out your clothes the night before, and set multiple alarms. Have your workout snacks prepared and ready as well as refrigerated water bottles. If you listen to music or podcasts, have them set up on your phone. On days that you don’t have time or don’t feel up to a workout, stretching is an alternative. It’s a quick fix to help keep your body prepared for your next workout!

Apply lotion or cream to your face.

There are dozens of night creams out there that you can purchase. The ingredients in the lotions will moisturize your facial skin while you sleep! But just remember, it’s still critical to get 8 hours of sleep. Let your skin shine bright!

Honestly, we could probably come up with dozens of other ways to still feel sexy after a stressful work week. At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy. We hope that these steps will be enough to get you started, and you start noticing a difference right away.

What have you tried to help you feel more sexy? How did it make you feel?


How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work // Sensuous Souls

The Complete Truth About Men and Sex


All men care about is sex. So the saying goes. But is it true? Actually, no! The truth about men and sex isn’t as transparent as you may have been led to believe. Men are commonly labeled as immature regarding their sexuality. They don’t take it seriously. That can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings with their partners.

Many couples face challenges when it comes to the physical aspect of their relationship. Sexual differences between men and women can make it confusing for couples to communicate with each other. Perhaps identifying what women believe about men, and determining whether it’s true or not can help us better understand relationships and sex. Let’s break down the myths and how factual they are.

The Complete Truth About Men and Sex

Men only care about sex.

Somewhat true.

When women make this assumption about men, it can lead to a confusing relationship that can end disastrously. Why? Because if women think that the men they date only want sex, they are going to give it to them right away. Ladies, there are plenty of other ways to be intimate that doesn’t include intercourse.

If a man can’t reach an erection, he must not be sexually attracted to his partner.

Totally untrue.

There are plenty of factors that contribute to sexual gratification, and attraction isn’t the only one. Diets and exercise can affect the sex life of both men and women. If a man is overweight, they will have a decrease in blood flow, which can prevent erections from happening. That’s just one of many reasons why they might be struggling.

Men have more sexual partners than women.

Basically true.

Since it’s commonly believed that men only want sex, it’s natural to believe that they have a large number of sexual partners. This myth is true… sort of. Psychology Today points out that since men need a partner for intercourse, it would be reasonable to believe that the number of sexual partners between men and women would be the same. But they’re not.

However, according to that same article, men give estimates while women are more exact in documenting their sexual encounters. In other words, men look at sex completely different than women do. Surprise, surprise. So who really knows what the facts are?

Men are more likely than women to be unfaithful.

Hard to say.

It’s seen time and time again. One partner can be unfaithful to the other. How likely is it that it was the man who was unfaithful? It’s hard for studies to show anything conclusive. One study claims that men are more likely to cheat at certain times of the year, like Christmas. Another one says that women who are most likely to be unfaithful are the ones that fake orgasms.

At the end of the day, you should focus on the red flags so that you can prevent unfaithfulness in the first place.

Men must ejaculate to experience sexual pleasure.

Not true.

Men can actually experience an orgasm without ejaculation. So women can be rest assured that they don’t have to focus on reaching that point during every sexual encounter. It can be a complex process, but understanding it can increase your chances of boosting pleasure during intercourse.

How great the sex is depends on how deep and intimate the relationship is.

Depends on you.

Every couple is different. You have to figure out what works best for you and your partner. Priorities vary from couple to couple. Many couples assume that there is a certain number that is considered normal. Anything below that means that there is something wrong with the relationship. That’s simply not true.

Any man can learn to control his ejaculation.


Some men will face pre-ejaculation at some point in their lives. It can be humiliating, but according to one doctor, there are some ways to control it.

Hopefully debunking the myths will help both women and men better understand how to understand their sex lives and make them work. Gender bias is very real, and when we acknowledge and research sex, we can better understand how to improve our sexual relationships in the long run.

If you want to learn more about male sexuality, then check out this book. Get in the minds of men and see what they really think about sex.

What do you think when you heard the truth about men and sex? Did we cover the myths that you’ve heard before?

The Complete Truth About Men and Sex // Sensuous Souls.

6 Types of Chemistry that will make Your Relationships Soar

6 Types of chemistry That Will Make Your Relationships Soar

Any and all relationships have chemistry. When you have a fantastic date, it’s not entirely unusual to say something like, “Our chemistry was spot on.” This can apply to friendships as well as dating relationships, and even with colleagues and co-workers. Chemistry to a factor in relationships, and you can read how here. There are 6 types of chemistry that can make or break your relationships. Do you know what they are?

6 Types of Chemistry that will make Your Relationships Soar

Personality: You may have heard of the Myers-Briggs test. According to this assessment, there are 16 types of personalities that combine 4 traits (from a possible 8). A detailed summary from a dating perspective can be viewed here, but it can also apply to working relationships and friendships too.

Lifestyle: A common way to determine lifestyle is knowing how introverted or extroverted you are. Introverts appreciate alone time while extroverts like to socialize constantly.

Sexual: You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? You’ll know it when you’re sexually attracted to someone. And you’ll definitely know it when they feel the same way about you!

Spiritual: Some people prioritize their spirituality, and others don’t. Spiritual connection can be a huge factor in a relationship if both parties take it seriously. This can also apply to your moral values.

Intellectual: Having an intellectual conversation with others is a promising way to grow a relationship. Some couples like to have deep conversations on a daily basis while others are okay with simply being in each other’s presence, no verbal communication is necessary.

Financial: While talking about finances may not be a common occurrence, it’s still worth mentioning because it does affect daily activity and socialization.

So how can these different elements make your relationship soar? Now that you know what the different types of chemistry are, you can learn how to apply them to your current and future relationships. Here is a simple step-by-step process to look deeper into your relationships, sexual or platonic.

1. Determine which types of chemistry are a priority for you.

What matters to you? Is it important to you to have a partner that wants to try different sexual positions with you? Do you want someone who is willing to save some money and stay home? Depending on what you want out of relationship, you should be able to figure out what matters most.

2. Experience these types of chemistry with your partner.

Don’t be afraid to talk to others about what matters to you in a relationship or friendship. Share different experiences with the people in your life. How does your partner react to conflict? What happens when you disagree? Determining answers to these questions will help you figure out which areas of chemistry you need to work on.

3. Get to know yourself.

Besides getting to know others, you should get to know yourself too. Building relationships are not an overnight process, you have to work towards them! That includes your relationship with yourself.

4. Chemistry can change over time. Adjust accordingly.

Your opinions, your values, and your lifestyle may change over the course of your life. That’s why some friendships end. It’s simply a fact of life. Don’t stress when it happens. Just move forward, and keep focusing on your positive relationships, and work towards making them stronger.

There are several types of chemistry that affect your relationships… some of them factor in all six types while others may only include some. Either way, you should observe if these chemistry types are present in your relationships. Ask yourself what your priorities are. If you want to stay on budget each month, then consider financial chemistry more than spiritual. If you want someone to be willing to travel the world with you, then look at lifestyle chemistry more closely than intellectual.

What do you think about these types of chemistry? Are they affecting your relationships positively or negatively?

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