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6 Healthy Habits That Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

There will come a time in your life when you may be looking to spice up your sex life. If it’s because you’re struggling with the sexual component of your relationship with your significant other, that’s definitely not a fun thing to experience, and it can lower your self-esteem. It can cause a strain in your relationship, too. There could be a medical condition for your low libido (like diabetes) or perhaps you have no idea, and it’s taking a toll on your relationship.

Luckily, your sexual health is directly connected to your physical health in a lot of ways. Most of the habits in your daily life that are decreasing your libido can be altered immediately. We recommend trying out all of these tips because they are all good for your overall health. Here is a list of healthy habits that can spice up your sex life that you can start doing today!


6 Healthy Habits that Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Make exercise a regular routine.

This one may be a no-brainer, but there is some science behind this that’s worth mentioning! When you exercise, your body releases certain chemicals that can boost libido. Endorphins are the most common, and they are known for reducing feelings of depression, and they can create a positive feeling in the body. Working out with your partner is a huge plus.

There is also indications that working out with your partner can increase both of your sex drives. Make plans to go on a jog together, or help each other lift weights. Setting fitness goals together and achieving them together can also improve your relationship. In addition, it can be a huge turn on watching your partner get their workout on!

Add foods to your diet that increase blood flow.

Foods like garlic can increase blood flow throughout your body. Look for foods that are full of nutrients especially zinc. Add them to your recipes. Here’s a short list of some foods to help get you started:

  • Almonds, they are rich in nutrients like zinc, which boosts your blood flow
  • Ginger, which contains manganese, is known for triggering arousal in men
  • Strawberries, the color red is a turn on for men, and the vitamins can also increase sperm count

There is a whole list of foods here.

Relieve stress and anxiety.

Feeling sexy can be achieved through simple pleasures. Take control of your stress levels by doing something fun and relaxing. A bubble bath with lavender can relax your muscles and the smell can even get you in the mood. Here are some ideas to relieve stress and anxiety:

  • Listen to music because it can lower your blood pressure
  • Talk to a friend either on the phone or hang out with them
  • Get restful sleep each night
  • Hug a friend or your partner because that can release endorphins too

Limit your caffeine intake.

One coffee in the morning is okay, but continuous coffee consumption can take a toll on your sex drive. We previously mentioned how certain healthy foods can increase your blood flow. Well, too much caffeine and sugar can halt blood flow. There are plenty of alternative foods and drinks that you can consume in the morning to enhance your energy levels. And hey, some of those foods can also boost your sex drive so it’s a two-for-one deal!

Avoid processed foods.

That food is full of empty calories and doesn’t do much for your body. They can make you feel full and tired. The more processed the food is, the less zinc and other minerals it contains that is needed to maintain a good sex drive. At the grocery store, avoid the deli meats, the name brand cereals, and most of the frozen foods. It’s a long list, but it can be avoided by purchasing from the deli or the organic food section.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Having a regular checkup at the doctor can make a huge difference too. There could be a medical reason behind your low libido and finding out sooner rather than later is better for you. The doctor can also tell you if you are lacking in any nutrients. Perhaps even your blood pressure can be off, and they can help you find a way to fix it. Your doctor can even give you additional tips to spice up your sex life!

In all, these are healthy habits that can spice up your sex life in the long run. But they can also improve your confidence, help you lose weight, and overall make you feel happier. Making small changes in your daily life can have a huge payoff in your overall health. Once your sex drive is back on track, you can start getting creative with how you spend time with your partner. We hope you get on board and start making a change in your life today!

Which activities will you try today and why? We want to hear about it!