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How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work


You’ve just had the roughest week at work. You spent the whole week relying on coffee. You’re trying to run errands after work, and find the time to eat. But you’re too tired, so you just grab something quick to eat almost every day. By the end of the week, you are feeling your worst. You’re thinking, “There’s no way I’m ever going to look sexy after work,” so the last thing you want to do by Friday evening is get dressed up and go out. We’ve all been there. It’s a problem we all face. It seems like there’s not enough time in the day. We don’t have enough energy. We’re too tired and too broke to eat healthy. We’ll help you fix that. There are some simple solutions on how to still look sexy after a stressful week at work. If you take the time each day and focus on implementing these steps, you’ll be looking your best in no time!

How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work

Sleep well.

If you don’t know it yet, sleeping is important. You’re less likely to be stressed, less likely to be overweight, and less likely to sexual difficulties, among others. In regards to looking healthy, plenty of sleep will help you feel more energized so you can work out, and keep your body at a healthy weight. Plan out your day so that you can be ready for bed by 9 or 10pm each night. Guarantee that you’ll have 8 hours of sleep each night, so you can feel refreshed each morning that you wake up.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking water consistently to stay hydrated has plenty of health benefits. From boosting your metabolism to preventing a belly bloat, you can keep your body in check by keeping water on hand. The best part is, hydration can help your skin stay firm, and just glow. Bonus: Drinking water can suppress hunger so you’ll snack less during the day!

Take vitamins.

Certain vitamins can make a huge difference for your physical health. Especially the vitamins that are difficult to include in your daily diet, like fish oil. Fish oil, among other vitamins, can do wonders for you skin. They can also boost your metabolism and your immune system, which will keep your weight at bay and prevent sickness. Sounds like a win-win!

Get up early and workout.

It can feel grueling to try to workout consistently, but it can be done if you plan ahead. Lay out your clothes the night before, and set multiple alarms. Have your workout snacks prepared and ready as well as refrigerated water bottles. If you listen to music or podcasts, have them set up on your phone. On days that you don’t have time or don’t feel up to a workout, stretching is an alternative. It’s a quick fix to help keep your body prepared for your next workout!

Apply lotion or cream to your face.

There are dozens of night creams out there that you can purchase. The ingredients in the lotions will moisturize your facial skin while you sleep! But just remember, it’s still critical to get 8 hours of sleep. Let your skin shine bright!

Honestly, we could probably come up with dozens of other ways to still feel sexy after a stressful work week. At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy. We hope that these steps will be enough to get you started, and you start noticing a difference right away.

What have you tried to help you feel more sexy? How did it make you feel?


How to Still Look Sexy as Hell After a Stressful Week at Work // Sensuous Souls

3 Things Women Can Do to Boost Their Self Confidence


We’re all going to face moments of low self-esteem at some point in our lives. For some, it happens more often than others. Women tend to have more pressure put on them to reach high, sometimes impossible, expectations. After a while, it can take a toll and deplete our self-confidence. Women can improve self-confidence, but it does take a bit of work.

What should we do, as women, to feel better about ourselves? How can we prevent low self-esteem from sneaking up on us?


10 Things Women Can Do to Boost Their Self-Confidence

Let’s talk about the stepping towards for women to improve their self-confidence. These steps make up the core of what we should strive to do on a daily basis. Over time we will become more comfortable in our own skin. Here is what women can do to improve self-confidence:

Build a positive relationship with yourself.

Talk to yourself in the mirror if you have to! Motivational speeches and a positive mindset can do amazing things for your self-confidence. Learn how to compliment yourself. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful and you matter. In time, not only will you believe it, but you’ll start to live it!

Try something new every day.

By this, I mean to step out of your comfort zone. Face your fears. Ask a guy out on a date. Host a party. Travel solo. Give a presentation at work. Whatever idea makes you squirm, go for it! You never know what results you may get, and you’ll never know until you try. There’s a good possibility that after it’s all over, you may have boosted your own self-confidence!

Look for a mentor or an accountability partner.

There are people in your life that want you to succeed, and they want you to be happy. Try reaching out to a close friend or a colleague and ask them to help you out with your self-confidence. Perhaps someone in your life feels the same way, and they just haven’t had the courage yet to ask for help. This could be a great opportunity for you to help someone else too, so it could make you focus on someone else’s well-being instead of your own.

Now that you’ve read this post, there are no more excuses! Set up a plan today for yourself, and start working towards boosting your self-esteem. If all women could improve their self-confidence like this, imagine what the world would be like. We would be unstoppable!